Hemming die and hemming system for the automotive industry

Hemming die and hemming system for the automotive hoods, doors, tailgates, etc.

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Company Development

  • In 2011, TTM was founded in ShenZhen.
  • In 2012, Moving to DongGuan; Building cooperation relationship with Magna International Inc.
  • In 2013 Introducing more advanced equipments.
  • In 2016, Introduced large-scale CMM equipment and 5 axis CNC equipment; Cooperated with OEM Ford Completed Porsche, Lamborghini and Tesla CF projects.
  • In 2017, Moving to current plant location; CNC was increased from 8 to 17 sets. Top Talent Automotive Fixtures & Jigs Co.Ltd was established
  • In 2018, Cooperated with LEVDEO automotive and completed the automotion production line. 4-axis high-speed CNC was introduced, the total Qty of CNC reached 21.
  • In 2019, Dongguan Hong Xing Tool & Die Manufacturer Co.,Ltd was established. (One stop service) Cooperated with Tesla Shanghai and Sodecia Germany. Built a new R&D laboratory for automation.
  • In 2020, Cooperated with OEM ISUZU in SA ;Completed the RG06 One-Stop Service.
  • In 2021, Moving forward with the quality belief to create a world-class enterprise.
  • In 2022, TTM Group office was founded in Dongguan City, New CNC 4 axis*5 sets, New Press*630 tons, Hexagon Absolute Arm.
  • In 2023, TTM is building a new plant for checking fixture&welding fixture business; adding one 2000T press.
welding fixture and checking fixture factory

Checking Fixture & Welding Fixture Factory (Total area: 9000m² )

metal stamping die, progressive die and teansfer die manufacturer and factory

Stamping Tools & Dies and Machined Parts Factory (Total area: 16000m²)

Products Description

Product Name Hemming dies
Application Automotive hoods, doors, tailgates etc.
Type Hemming die system
Pneumatic Component Brand SMC, FESTO, TUENKERS, CKD, Manual clamp
Electrical Component Brand OMRON, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Balluff
Material(Block, Locating Pin) 45# Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel
Controlling Way Air Control(Pneumatic Control Valve), Electrical Control(Solenoid Valve ), Manual, No solenoid valve required Provide connector switch
Clamping Way Pneumatic, Manual
Communication Way EtherCAT, PROFINET, CC-LINK
Communication Relay Box Electric box wiring way, Quick socket type, Solenoid valve island type
Piping Way Single layer tube, Flame retardant tube, Copper/Stainless Steel Tube
Surface Treatment Painting, Painting+Black Oxidization, Zinc-Coated, Powder Painting
Lead Time 2-4 Weeks for design and design review;
10-12 weeks for manufacturing after design approval
7-10 Working days for air shipping;
4-5 Weeks for ocean sipping
Die Life Depends on customer’s production capacity
Quality Insurance CMM Inspection
Test with Samples
Onsite Buy-Off
Online video Web Conference Buy-Off
Buy-Off Problems Solving
Package Wooden Boxes for samples;Wooden Boxes or Pallets for fixtures;

What is the automotive hemming die?
An automotive hemming die is a specialized tool used in the manufacturing process to shape and secure the edges of sheet metal components that form the body of a vehicle. Hemming is a technique commonly employed in the automotive industry to join two pieces of sheet metal by folding the edge of one sheet over the other, creating a clean and often reinforced seam.
The primary purpose of an automotive hemming die is to achieve precise and consistent folds in the sheet metal, ensuring that the edges are securely joined together. This process is crucial for manufacturing various components of a vehicle, including doors, hoods, fenders, and other body panels. The quality of hemming directly influences the structural integrity, appearance, and durability of the final automotive product.
Here are some key aspects and functions of an automotive hemming die:
Shaping Edges: The die is designed to shape and fold the edges of sheet metal to create a seamless and finished appearance. This is especially important in the automotive industry, where aesthetics and aerodynamics are significant factors.
Reinforcement: Hemming not only provides a clean look but also reinforces the joined edges, enhancing the strength and rigidity of the assembled components. This is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle.
Versatility: Automotive hemming dies are designed to accommodate various sheet metal thicknesses and compositions, providing versatility in the manufacturing process. This adaptability ensures that the tool can be used for different types of vehicle models and designs.
Efficiency: The use of hemming dies streamlines the manufacturing process by automating the folding and joining of sheet metal edges. This leads to increased efficiency in production, reduced manual labour, and improved overall output.
Consistency: Achieving consistent and high-quality results is a key advantage of using hemming dies. Automation ensures that each component is produced with precision, reducing the likelihood of defects and variations in the final product.
Innovation: Advancements in hemming die technology often incorporate features such as adaptive control systems, artificial intelligence, and modular designs. These innovations contribute to improved control over the hemming process and allow for easier integration into modern manufacturing setups.
The development of advanced hemming dies, like the hypothetical PrecisionHem 2024 mentioned in the previous response, showcases the ongoing efforts in the industry to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of automotive manufacturing processes. Hemming dies play a crucial role in achieving the desired standards for modern vehicles, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Solutions(Turnkey Solutions Service)

Body In White Assembly Systems:

1, Hemming die 

2, Complete Car Body Welding Line 

3, Single Stand-alone Welding Cell

4, Welding Fixtures and Jigs:

CCB ASSY Welding Fixture, Floor Pan ASSY Welding Fixture, Wheelhouse ASSY Welding Fixture, AB Ring ASSY  AB Welding Fixture,  Seat ASSY Welding Fixture,  Front Seat Cross Member Welding Fixture,  Front End ASSY Welding Fixture,  Dash Panel ASSY Welding Fixture,  Cowl ASSY Welding Fixture and  Rocker ASSY Welding Fixture manufacturer, design company and factory.

ISO Management System For Hemming Die

ISO 9001 certification welding fixture
welding fixtures manufacturer

Our Hemming Die Team

welding fixture design team
automotive welding fixture sales

Our Advantages

1.Rich experience in automatic manufacturing and enterprise management.

2.One Stop Service for stamping tool, checking fixture, welding fixtures and cells to achieve timing and cost saving, communication convenience, to maximize customer profits.

3.Professional engineering team to finalize the GD&T between single part and assembly component.

4.Turnkey Solution Service-Stamping Tool, Checking Fixture, Welding Fixtures and Cells with one team.

5.Strong capability with international technical support and partnership cooperation.

6.Big capacity: Checking Fixture, 1500 sets/year;Welding Fixture and Cells, 400-600 sets/year; Stamping Tools, 200-300 sets/year.

We have more than 352 employees, 80% of which are senior technical engineers. Tooling division: 130 employees, Welding fixture division:60 employees, Checking fixture division:162 employees, We have a professional sales & project management team, long-term service overseas projects, from RFQ to production, shipment, after-sales, our team can handle all problems for our customers in Chinese, English and German Language.

Major Projects Experience Of Welding Cells And Welding Fixtures

Major Welding Fixtures Project(2019-2021)
Item Description Type Project Name Qty(Sets) Year
1 CCB WF Arc Welding VW MEB31 60 2019-2021
2 CCB WF Arc Welding VW MEB41 10 2020
3 CCB WF Arc Welding VW 316 4 2020
4 CCB WF Arc Welding Ford T6 8 2021
5 CCB WF Arc Welding ISUZU RG06 3 2020
6 CCB WF Arc Welding Bcar,BSUV 6 2020
7 CCB WF Arc Welding Bcar,BCAR 7 2020
8 Floor Pan WF Sopt Welding SK326/0RU_K Karoq RU 15 2019
VW316/5RU_K Tarek RU (19003)
9 WS Spring Link WF Arc Welding WL/WS 4 2019
10 Crossmember Brackets WF Arc Welding WL/WS 12 2019-2021
11 Front Bumper WF Arc Welding VW281 14 2019
12 Chassis WF Arc Welding ISUSU RG06 18 2019
13 SL ASY and MBR and EXT ASY Spot and Arc Welding Ford P703 25 2019-2021
14 CCB WF and Wroking Cell Arc Welding ISUSU RG06 6 2020
15 Front Seat Cross Member  WF Sopt Welding Volkswagen AG MEB316(20001) 4 2020
16 Floor Pan WF and Grippers Sopt Welding AUDI/ PORSCHE PPE 41(19017 Phase 1) 18 2020
17 Wheel House WF and Grippers Arc Welding Ford BX755(19018) 6 2020
18 AB Ring WF and Grippers Arc Welding Ford BX755(19018) 14 2020
19 Dash Panel WF and Grippers Sopt Welding South Africa Ford T6(17028-1) 10 2020
20 Cowl WF and Grippers Spot Welding South Africa Ford T6(17028-3) 6 2020
21 Front End WF and Grippers Spot and Arc Welding South Africa Ford T6(17025) 10 2020
22 Rocker WF and Grippers Spot Welding South Africa Ford T6(19029) 8 2020
23 Floor Pan WF and Grippers Sopt Welding AUDI/ PORSCHE PPE 41(19017 Phase 2) 63 2021
24 Rear Bumper and Chassis WF Arc Welding Ford P703&J73 36 2020-2021
Major Welding Fixtures Project(2022)
Item Description Type Project Name Qty(Sets) Year
25 Middle Channel Reinforcement WF Sopt Welding Vinfast VF36 8 2022
26 Floor Pan WF and Grippers Sopt Welding AUDI/ PORSCHE PPE 41(19017 Phase 3&4) 39 2022
27 Floor Pan WF Sopt Welding and Projection Welding Ford P703 PHEV 29 2022
28 Floor Pan WF and Grippers Sopt Welding Porsche E4 Floor Pan(21050) 16 2022
29 Floor Tunnel WF Laser marking VW Floor Tunnel(21008 ) 2 2022
30 Seat ASSY WF and Tooling Arc Welding BYD Seat ASSY 40 2022
31 Floor Pan WF Spot and Arc Welding Ford Refurbishment 24 2022
32 CCB WF Arc Welding VW Cyclone CCB(21037) 10 2022
33 CCB WF Arc Welding VW MQB37(22022) 16 2022
34 A&B-Pillar WF Spot Welding Gestamp GS2203 8 2022
35 Robot Cell Base NA VW Cyclone 4 2022

Hemming Dies Manufacturing Center

We can build all kinds of different size welding fixture including large size as we have big CNC Machines. With a variety of mechanical equipment such as milling, grinding, wire cutting machines and drilling machines, we can effectively and accurately control the processing process.

25 sets of CNC with 2 shift running

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 3000*2000*1500

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 3000*2300*900

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 4000*2400*900

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 4000*2400*1000

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 6000*3000*1200

4 Set of 3-Axis CNC 800*500*530

9 Set of 3-Axis CNC 900*600*600

5 Set of 3-Axis CNC 1100*800*500

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 1300*700*650

1 Set of 3-Axis CNC 2500*1100*800

welding fixture For automotive metal part
welding fixture
welding fixture

5 Axis CNC -Machine

welding fixture manufacturing

4 Axis CNC -Machine

Hemming Die Assembly Center

welding fixture manuufacturer
welding fixture manufacturer
welding fixtures

CMM Measurement Center For Hemming Dies

automtive welding fixtures
welding fixtures design company
welding fixture

Our good trained personnel will take care every time in every program we have. We can do every requirement from the customer, to have the biggest satisfaction in the CMM as well.

3 Sets of CMM, 2 Shifts/Day(10hrs per shift Mon-Sat)

CMM, 3000*1500*1000 , Leader    CMM, 1200*600*600 , Leader    Blue-light Scanner

CMM, 500*500*400, Hexagon        2D Projector, Hardness Tester

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