product category

  • Single Metal Part Checking Fixture

    Automotive checking fixture

    Manufacture and design of auto parts checking fixtures and inspection fixtures for the automotive industry.

  • Arc Welding Work Station

    Automotive welding fixture

    Professional automotive welding jigs, welding fixtures, arc welding jigs, robotic welding fixtures, automation welding fixtures design, manufacture and service company.

  • Stamping tools& dies

    Automotive stamping die & tool

    Custom automotive precision stamping dies, stamping tools, progressive dies, transfer dies, gang dies and tandem dies manufacturer and factory.

  • Machined parts

    CNC machining parts etc.

    Wholesale 5-axis CNC machining metal parts manufacturer and factory in China.

  • OEM equipment

    OEM equipment

    TTM specializes in customized machine/ equipment design, mechanical engineering and production of turnkey automation systems.

About Us


  • - A professional Stamping tool manufacturer.
  • - A professional welding fixture & cell manufacturer.
  • - A professional Checking fixture manufacturer.
  • - One stop service.
  • - Manufacture and design automotive parts checking fixtures, welding fixtures, welding jigs, stamping progressive dies, transfer dies, tandem dies and gang dies for the auto industry.

TTM Checking Fixture & Welding Fixture Factory (Total area: 9000m² )


TTM Stamping Tools & Stamping Dies and Machined Parts Factory (Total area: 16000m²)


TTM Group UCC Office

TTM Group Production Shop

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