TTM Group UCC Office 1st Anniversary Celebration


    TTM Group was established in 2011 and mainly produces metal stamping tools, stamping molds, fixtures, and automation equipment for the automotive industry. Since its establishment, we have adhered to the principle of “integrity, innovation, and mutual benefit for customers and TTM”, and have adhered to the path of independent innovation and development.

    We have three professional factories and one office, including an automobile fixture factory, an automobile inspection tool factory, an automobile mold and CNC machining parts factory.

   The office has a strong business team to provide high-quality services to customers in the global automotive industry.

   Design and manufacturing of spot welding jigs, arc welding fixtures and welding station and so on for automotive welding fixture factories.

    Design and manufacturing of assembly metal parts checking fixtures, assembly plastic parts checking fixtures, hot forming checking fixtures, and metal panels checking fixtures and so on for automotive checking fixture factory.

    Design and manufacture automobile stamping dies, stamping tools and CNC machining parts factories, manufacture automobile stamping mold fixtures, and process automobile metal parts etc.

Post time: Jul-05-2023