TTM Group (metal stamping dies, welding fixtures and checking fixture of automotive) 11th-anniversary celebration.

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Dear clients, friends and colleagues:
Hello everyone! Today, we gather together to celebrate the 11th anniversary of TTM Company. First of all, on behalf of the management of the company, I would like to express my most sincere thanks and warmest congratulations to all the colleagues who have contributed to the development of the company!
Eleven years ago, we founded this company with dreams and passion. For 11 years, we have come through the storms and witnessed the growth and prosperity of the company. In these 11 years, we have experienced countless challenges and opportunities together, it is because of the unity and cooperation of all of us, that we can overcome the difficulties, seize the opportunity, and continue to move forward. 11 years later, we set up a metal stamping die factory, welding fixtures plant and checking fixture factory. Thank you for every one of the company’s sweat and blood of the staff, it is your efforts to let us come to today. At the same time, we also want to thank our partners, it is you and we work together to move forward and share the joy of success. Our achievements can not be separated from your support and trust, may we continue to work together in the future to create a more brilliant tomorrow.
Standing at the new starting point, we ushered in new challenges and opportunities. Let us continue to uphold the company’s core values, and adhere to the innovation-driven, pursuit of excellence, in order to achieve the company’s ambitious goals to create new business, make new achievements, and write a new chapter!
Last but not least, thank you all again for all you have done for the company. Let’s celebrate this memorable day together, join hands to meet more challenges and create a more brilliant future together!
Thank you all!

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TTM Group 11TH anniversary celebration
Company Development
In 2011, TTM was founded in Shenzhen.
In 2012, Moving to DongGuan; Building a cooperation relationship with Magna International Inc.
In 2013 Introducing more advanced equipment.
In 2016, Introduced large-scale CMM equipment and 5-axis CNC equipment; Cooperated with OEM Ford to complete Porsche, Lamborghini and Tesla CF projects.
In 2017, Moving to the current plant location; CNC was increased from 8 to 17 sets. Top Talent Automotive Fixtures & Jigs Co.Ltd was established
In 2018, Cooperated with LEVDEO Automotive and completed the automotion production line. 4-axis high-speed CNC was introduced, and the total Qty of CNC reached 21.
In 2019, Dongguan Hong Xing Stamping Tool and Die Manufacturer Co., Ltd was established. (One-stop service) Cooperated with Tesla Shanghai and Sodecia Germany. Built a new R&D laboratory for automation.
In 2020, Cooperated with OEM ISUZU in SA and completed the RG06 One-Stop Service.
In 2021, Moving forward with the quality belief to create a world-class enterprise.
In 2022, the TTM Group office was founded in Dongguan City, New CNC 4 axis*5 sets, New Press*630 tons, Hexagon Absolute Arm.
In 2023, TTM is building a new factory for checking fixtures and welding fixtures business; adding one 2000T press.

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Post time: Mar-26-2024